Aswan Fatimid Cemetery

Aswan Fatimid Cemetery is one of the Islamic sites in Aswan, located on the road to the airport, 10 minutes away from Aswan Corniche over a small hill, behind the Nubia Museum.


The tombs date back to the stages of the Islamic conquest of Egypt in 21 A.H. some of it date back to the 9th century. These tombs are unique in its Architectural style.


The cemetery originally comprised 80 tombs, out of which 30 tombs still exist, while the rest have been lost due to the fragile materials -mud brick- used in constructing the tombs.


The tombs in the cemetery are very attractive; the domes are built on a drum with corners sticking out like horns, a feature unique to southern Egypt. 


There were some inscriptions in the tombs but they were removed after a freak late 19th-century rainstorm, hence the Egyptologists cannot know what was written, so until today it is impossible to reconstruct the origin of each structure, the dates and names of tomb owners have been lost forever.



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