The Mosque of Aytmush

It is considered one of the most popular mosques in Cairo, built by the great Circassian "Amir", Prince Seif al-Din Aytmush al-Bagassi in 1383, the mosque is still used for the daily prayer.


The mosque was, at the time, one of the most important buildings considering its location, as Bab al- Wazir street or al Darb al-Ahmar road was a fashionable area during the reign of Sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad and later in the 19th Century due to the presence of Sultan Muhammad Aly at the Citadel which encouraged urban expansion.


Going further north, one cannot miss Aytmush Mosque erected on a street corner just before the Khayer Bek Complex and the Blue mosque.


The complex includes the Mosque, Mausoleum and a Sabil-Kuttab in one single unit.


The plan of the complex has an unusual form, plain both in shape and decorations. It consists of a Durqa'a, a rectangular space covered by plain buttresses of a flat wooden ceiling with a central lantern and the Qibla iwan which is a rectangular area facing the Durqa'a through a pointed horse-shoe arch.


The Main entrance of the mosque is located on the street facade leading directly to the covered courtyard. As for the secondary entrance, it was used for the mosque's services and utilities. The facade is richly decorated and topped with a ribbed dome that was common from 1360 to the 1400's


The minaret is placed adjacent to the entrance as a landmark emphasizing its location and the street alignment.


The Sabil Kuttab is separated from the mosque but it still can be reached from both inside and outsid, it lies behind the mosque.

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