The pyramid of  Amenemhat I

The pyramid of  Amenemhat I is located on the west bank of the Nile, between Saqqara and Meidum, about 50km south of Cairo, this place was the resident and necropolis of the first two rulers of Dynasty XII at Lisht, near El Fayoum.


One of Amenemhat I's achievements was the establishment of a new capital city ‘Itjawy’, where he constructed his pyramid. The pyramid is 55 meters height, with a base length of 83 m and a slope of 54 degrees. 


A return to the style and size of previous pyramids of the Old Kingdom, the core of the pyramid was built of small rough blocks of local limestone and filled with debris and mud bricks. 


Maspero, who was the first one who entered the pyramid in 1882, noted on his first visit to Amenemhet’s pyramid that blocks of stone from other royal monuments had been used and the names of Khufu, Khafre, Unas and Pepy have been found there.


The entrance to the pyramid is in the northern side, where a gradually sloping passage, lined with pink granite, descends from ground level to a square chamber above the pyramid’s central axis and a vertical shaft to the burial chamber.


On the eastern side of the pyramid there was a small funerary temple, which is now almost completely destroyed.


Around the pyramid was an inner and outer enclosure wall, where several mastaba tombs of members of the royal family and high-status officials were found between these two walls. On its west side there are 22 shaft tombs for the royal women, wives and daughters of the king (names found include: Neferu - the King's daughter and Chief wife of Sesostri I, Nefret - mother of Amenemhet I, and Nefrytatenen wife of Amenemhet and mother of SesostrisI). 

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