Sehel Island

Sehel Island is situated 4 km south of Aswan, this Nubian Island is famous for its Pharonic antiquities, there are many important characters that came out from this Island too.


The island is known by containing many inscriptions, as the Ancient Egyptians travelers, soldiers, and traders who were on their way to Nubia, or who had returned from the south expedition, would leave inscriptions that tell about their appeals or prayers of gratitude for help, all these inscriptions are dedicated to the Goddess Onukit, which was known as mistress of Nubia and was a Goddess of water, worshiped in this area.


In Sehel Island you will find out many useful things about the Nubian culture, as it is contains many religious monuments made by the ancient Egyptians, who used to extract the famous Aswan granite from the Island. Moreover, you can visit traditional Nubian houses, spot crocodiles, get a Henna tattoo from a local or go camel riding.

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