Ptolemaic Temple of Hathor

The Ptolemic Temple is located at the Northern side of the Workmen Village close to Deir El-Madina, which is considered to be one of the most famous ancient Egyptian villages, it was also the main places for the artisans who have worked on the tombs of the Valley of The Kings, as well as during the 18th to 20th centuries of the New Kingdom era, there were the workmen who stayed there and they were called the servants in the Palace of Truth and the settlement's which was called “Set Maat” which means the Palace of Truth, as well as this temple of Hathor was turned into church at the Christian dynasty and became The Monastery of the Town, which means in Arabic Deir El- Madina.   


Therefore the Ptolemaic temple was belonging to Hathor, as it contained sanctuaries that were belonging to Amun-Re-Osiris and Amun-Sokar-Osiri, its construction is very small, as its only15 x 24 meters, it also included a 50 square meter enclosure wall that was surrounding it.



Consequently the constructions of this temple was decorated by many Ptolemaic Kings and the Ptolemy IV Philopater, as well as there was a cult terrace that was built in the eastern side of the enclosure’s wall and on the opposite side of the temple’s entrance, so, when you go with Flying Carpet Tours you will be fascinated with the beautiful decoration that shed light on the great ancient Egyptian civilization, as you will also find the beautiful plain exterior walls that is belonging to the temple, which contains exciting architectural arrangement that unites the forecourt or the entrance hall. 

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