Ras El Soda Temple

Ras El Soda Temple is one of the finest temples in Egypt, situated in Ras El Soda area on the agricultural road leading to Al Montazah and Abu Qear and near the eastern company of Linen. It was discovered in 1936 while removing sand from the site, it dates back to the 2nd century A.D. It is the only private temple discovered so far in Alexandria. It was built by the Roman charioteer Ezadoras as a thank giving for Isis,goddess of magic in ancient Egypt, since her statue was found among other statues and it is bigger in size, it was found standing at the end of the platform.


Ras El Soda Temple consists of 2 floors; the bottom level devoted to the worship while the upper is devoted to the accommodation for the priests of the temple.


It includes 4 columns; the 1st column belongs to Hermanubis who is depicted as a young man wearing a Greek tunic with a torch in his hand, and next to his feet there is a seated figure of Jackal (Anubis).


The 2nd column belongs to god Harpocratis who is depicted as a naked child with his thumb in his mouth; he is also shown with a side lock of hair.


The 3rd is belongs to goddess Isis who is depicted in the Greek form as a standing figure of a woman wearing a tunic with a knot on her dress, she is also crowned with two horns and a sun disk, and she holds the situla (jar for sacred water).


The last column belongs to god Osiris in canopic form, he is represented as a jar and its lid takes the shape of the head of god Osiris.


In the early 19th and 20th centuries, this temple was transported to Bab Sharq in front of the Police department at El Horiya Street., the process of rebuilding the temple took six months, but the remaining part now isn’t a temple but a small structure which consists of an ascending staircase leading to a high platform with four white marble columns, in the middle of which is a pedestal with foot on it and bearing some Greek inscriptions reads (Isidorus presented this foot to the goddess who saved him after a fatal fall from his chariot).







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