Roman Theater

Live the adventure and enjoy walking one of the most famous landmarks in Alexandria with Flying Carpet Tours, as this magnificent Roman Theater is considered to be one of the marvelous antiques of its type in Egypt, it was constructed at Kom El Dekka and it became one of the most valuable remains of the Roman dynasty in Egypt which is fortunately still preserved with its marvelous designing.



Entertain your eyes and soul with the charming designing and explore more about the history of the ancient Romanian and Egyptian events, as you’ll get back in time because this theater was built during one of the most effective empires in the whole world which is the Roman Empire, as the word Amphitheater was derived from the Latin “Amphitheaterum”, that is meaning hemi-spere and means in English half circle, moreover it is also considered as a fabulous open air museum that is located at the Amphitheater area, as well as it is the first museum for underwater antiques which include approximately 39 antiques.     

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