Agriculture Museum

Discover uncounted agricultural tools which were used for more than 7000 years, when you visit the fabulous Agriculture Museum in Giza you will have the opportunity to explore the great history of Ancient Egyptian Agriculture and their old agricultural tools, as agriculture was very important for the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, therefore it has played a vital role in the Ancient Egyptian era until the modern time.


The Agricultural Museum explains the agriculture operation in the Ancient Egyptian ages, and thus it makes the visitor identify the development of Ancient Egyptian’s lifestyle. This museum is situated in Giza and it is considered to be one of the largest museums all over the world, as The foundation of the museum is covering about 125.000 square meters, as well as the beautiful plenty of space for charming gardens that consist of many colourful trees, plants and flowers.


Explore the magnificent Agriculture museum with Flying Carpet Tours, enjoy wandering at the museum which was built by King Farouk, in order to study the agriculture tools over many ages and to understand how it was effecting on the economy, as well as measuring the improvements of the agriculture history throughout the years.


Get excited with the grandeur of the majestic Agriculture museum in Giza, there also ten halls that are considered to be subsidiary museums, however some of them are open for visitors while the other are closed for maintenance or still under construction. Therefore the New Museum of Ancient Egyptian Agriculture is the most exciting halls and the Museum of Acquisitions.

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