Al Gawhara Palace

Al Gawhara Palace is situated in Cairo, it is considered to be in the South side of the great Citadel of Salah El Din, it was constructed by Mohamed Ali in 1814 basically as a private seat, this beautiful museum was housing many of different administrative officers and his own guests, however that palace essentially was constructed for the beloved wife of Mohammed Ali to take it as a her own home.



The Jewelry Palace or as it is said in Arabic The Palace of el Gawhara wasn’t only constructed to be a home for Mohammed Ali’s wife but also to be the main official meetings and headquarters for the government. Enjoy exploring this marvelous palace with Flying Carpet Tours, as you will find this beautiful palace includes some marvelous paintings in the Pasha hall which has been sent to him from many foreign ambassadors during the nineteenth century, you will also find a lot of exciting objects that should be seen during your visiting to the Salah El Din Citadel.



The name of the Jewelry Palace or El Gawhara Palace was basically derived from a woman’s name that was called “Gawhara”, as she was the most beloved and favorite wife to Mohammed Ali Pasha, when you go there you will find the entrance includes a massive amount of marble mirror and gilt, then when you continue to watch the room of Mohamed Ali and explore the most valuable part of the Gawhara Palace, which is the main hall or as it was described as "The Higher Council of Mohamed Ali”, because he got used to rule Egypt with the help ‎of the basic country's religious man.

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