Bab Al Futuh

Bab el Futuh which means in English ” The Gate of Conquest” , it was called like that because of the conquest of Egypt by Amr Ibn El Aas, then Al Fustat became the capital of Egypt, therefore Jawhar al-Siqilli ordered to construct three gateways to the capital of Egypt during his rule of Egypt , it also was served as the northern entrance to the city, like those of Bab Zuweila, when you go there you’ll be astonished with the towers of Bab Al-Futuh which are round and has charming decoration, moreover they are also dotted with arrow slits and they have openings to pour the boiling liquids through them on encroaching enemies, moreover, in the old times, many caravans of pilgrims who were coming every year from Mecca, to pass through this gate then head to the citadel.



It was said that the name as Futuh which means (Conquest) was derived its name from the army who was going from this gate when they were preparing for war then the army come back as a victorious, it also said that it was a Moroccan name, as there were a lot of Moroccan traders coming through that door, the entrance appears squat, but this is due to the base of the gate being sixteen feet below street level. Bab El Futuh also was built in 1087, then the prince Badr El Gamali fixed it and put it in his current place in the entrance of Al Muizz street, therefore you will explore with Flying Carpet Tours one of the most beautiful architectures and decorations in Bab El Futuh.

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