Bab Zuweila

Feast your eyes with the gleaming finds of one of the most famous gates of old capital of Egypt which is Fustat, Bab Zuweila is popular gateways, but this gate especially had historical importance, when Hulagu sent six messengers to Qutuz in Cairo to threaten him, and Qutuz reply by displaying their heads on Bab Zuweila, beside when Tuman Bay was executed on that gate too when ottoman empire conquest Egypt.



Bab Zuweila, sometimes called al-Mitwalli, and was name as Zuweila by a Berber tribe whose Fatimid soldiers were quartered nearby, The gate has two beautifully adorned minarets belonging to the nearby Al-Mu'ayyad mosque, which are open to visitors. Once you ascend the steep steps, you will lay your eyes on one of the best views to the end of Old Cairo. The gate also shares a wall with the mosque and is a must-see sight in Islamic Cairo.

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