Khan El Khalili

Experience walking through one of the most famous and marvelous places in Egypt, which is called Khan El Khalili Bazaar, get excited with Flying Carpet Tours by going on a remarkable trip to Khan EL Khalili Market, which is situated in the heart of the Bazaar district, it also is an amazing street which is considered to be one of the oldest streets in the world, as it dates back to 1382 A.D, as well as you will get delighted by visiting the most interesting streets in Cairo, especially if you are a shopping lover, there are a lot of different and beautiful items that will make you have the desire to buy everything, therefore you will have the opportunity to buy Ancient Egyptian statues, galabiyyas, t-shirts, souvenirs for family, friends or even as a beautiful memory, belly dancing costume, silvers and gold items.

Go shopping and discover your haggling skills while enjoying the spectacular sights of this fabulous street and wander at the marvelous and ancient buildings, as you will feel the Medieval atmospheres of this popular market, as well as the labyrinth of its streets gives you lots of pleasure and take you back in time to imagine how the medieval markets once were like. 

Taste the relish Egyptian tea at the most popular and beautiful traditional café in Egypt, which is called Fishawy Café in Khan El Khalili, enjoy the excellent service in the café during watching the pedestrians and the several activities around you, as you will find it a vital street, get relaxed and sip your tasty cup of tea or try the fruity flavors of the Egyptian Shisha , which is known in English as the Water Pipe, explore the beautiful oriental drinks such as Helba, Hibiscus and several typical Egyptian beverages.

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