Muizz Street

Al Muizz street is the biggest street in Islamic Cairo, it also is consider as the heart of Fatimid age, Amuse yourself with the beautiful monuments while getting back in time and exploring the history of this charming street, enjoy wandering at the ancient villas and the amazing architectures that were left behind many eras, you will feel like if you were being transported into the world of the Prince of Persia.


Discover the grandeur of the amazing Al Muizz Street with Flying Carpet Tours, this street includes a lot of hospitals, mosques and schools that date back to Ottoman, Fatimid and Mamluk dynasties, you will have the opportunity to walk through one of the little alleys that ramified of the eide street of Al Muizz on a quiet day, take a rest for a minute and close your eyes, as you will get excited with the feeling of the beautiful spirits of all the people who once walked through here during thousands of years.


The Street of Al Muizz is approximately 1 kilometer long, it extends from Bab el Futuh area to Bab Zuweila area, this Street was constructed basically according to an order of El-moez Le Din Ellah, who was the fourth Fatimid Caliph, and it has the most important concentration of medieval architectural treasures in the Islamic world.


Immerse yourself in the beautiful sights and you will be astonished by old buildings while walking through the wide street of AL Muizz, as it has three ways to start walk from Khan Al Khalil, Bab el Futuh and Bab Zuweila, however, the best way to start with is Khan El Khalili, therefore you will be enjoying the whole day while exploring the northern side and get another day for discovering the other southern side, because you will find the street of Al Muizz is too wide to experience exploring it all in just one day.


Get delighted by the marvelous sights of Kuttab / Sabeel of Khassru Pasha, wander at the glory of Funerary Complex of Salih Najm Al-Deen Ayyub, and walk through the gorgeous areas of The Madrasa of Al-Salih Najm Al-Deen Ayyub, moreover enjoy atrip to Sultan Al-Mansour Qalawun Complex and many Islamic and archaeological sites that will be visited by our exciting excursions.


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