Museum of Islamic Arts


Entertain your soul and eyes during your trip to the Museum of Islamic Arts, as you will enjoy watching the charming discoveries and artifacts, therefore explore more about the ancient Islamic arts with Flying Carpet Tours and get excited with the grandeur of more than a hundred thousand exhibitions which shed light on the great Egyptian Islamic civilization and the Islamic world, as it shows how this civilization has been very brilliant for a long time, it also shows more than 10.000 artifacts that are dating back to the Egyptian Islamic period.    



Discover the charming Islamic antiques in the fancy Museum of Islamic Art, walk through the museum and watch the huge carved wooden door, complex copper sculptures, many marvelous wood work, textiles, intarsia, glass, stucco, metalwork  and carpets which came from several centuries such as Fattimid, Mamluk, Ayyubid, Ummaya and Abbasid, therefore you will be so astonished and delighted by our tout to this wonderful museum, as it is a landmark that shouldn’t be missed.  

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