Baron Palace

The Baron Palace was designed by the famous French architect Alexander Marcel, inspired by Angkor Wat in Cambodia and decorated by Georges Louis Claude, It was instructed during the 1907 and 1911.



Enjoy walking inside a charming historic palace with Flying Carpet Tours, as this palace is situated in elite suburbs close to the Presidential Palace and it is located on the top of a rotating base that rotates the palace and allow the sun rays to access it from all sides, which proves the great development of the architect during this time.       



The Palace of Baron derived its name from Baron General Edward Louis Joseph Empain, who constructed this palace, as he became a popular amateur Egyptologist, then he decided to stay in Egypt and announced his love to the Egyptian desert, therefore he brought the most professional sculptures and artists from Indonesia to make a charming construction, it contains two floors and two additional subterranean floors, which include servant's room, a kitchen and family mausoleum, as well as there is a tunnel which is connected with the close church that also was constructed by Baron and two elevators.

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