Egyptian Modern Art Museum

The Egyptian Modern Art Museum is situated in a Neo-Islamic architectural masterwork that is called Al Saraya Al Kubra, which means in English “the Great Palace “, therefore the Museum of Egyptian Modern Art shed light on the great arts that were derived from the reality, as the large collection of its items provide a lot of perspectives on relatively recent history of the country, moreover this great museum was constructed in 1936 A.D and then became as a main place for the artists and cultural events by the French, British royalties and king Fouad, as they received many million pounds at the end of the 20th century, the it became the headquarters of the modern Egyptian artwork in 1991.



Enjoy exploring the Egyptian Modern Art Museum with Flying Carpet Tours and be witnessed at the amazing works of the artists and at the way they explained their environments, as well as narrate many historical events and art trends in the modern Egypt such as Zeinab al-Segeny’s tales of women and children, Adel al-Siwi’s expressionist masterpieces and Salah Taher’s extract paintings which have been displayed in maze of artworks.



Moreover the Egyptian Modern Art Museum is consisting of two floors, the first one belongs to the artists who were born in the 19th century until 1931, and the second one shed light on paintings that were made by artists who were born in 1932, consequently you’ll find many charming art works that belong to the modern Egypt.

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