Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden is considered to be one of the most beautiful gardens in Cairo, it is located in a place that called Helwan in Cairo, as it also shed lights on the Japanese architecting, which is very clear on its designing, as well as containing several statues of Buddha, marvelous arbors, green trees and fish ponds, which are all surrounding the amazing artificial lake.



Therefore you will be excited with Flying Carpet Tours during your trip to Japanese Garden, as you will find many exciting items and views that will make you feel relaxed and enjoyed, due to the beautiful style of Japanese landscape, as it was constructed by Zulfikar Pasha in 1917 and gave to Sultan Hussein Kamel as a present, who was the ruler of Egypt at that time, moreover this garden is fascinating in the spring season, as the charming plants and trees are in full bloom, so, you will get relaxed on an amazing atmosphere and surrounding you the Japanese statues of Buddha, other statues of turtles and elephants, as well as the three wise monkey which are very famous in Japan.

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