Step Pyramid

Entertain you Soul and eyes during your trip to the Step Pyramid of Sakkara or the King Djoser and get excited with Flying Carpet Tours while exploring the grandeur of one of the most beautiful monuments of Egypt, as Sakkara Pyramid is considered to be one of the oldest structures all over the world that date back to 2700 B.C, moreover Sakkara Pyramid is a part of a fabulous mortuary complex that was constructed during the King Djoser in the third century, as it was built by the famous architect Imhotep, and it is a beautiful stepped pyramid that contains six layers that is gradually decreasing in size.



This mortuary complex is divided into two parts, the first southern part is dominated by The Pyramid of Sakkara and the northern part contains the Egyptian tombs, as well as the marvelous unfinished complex of Sekhemkhet, entertain your mind and eyes with the mysterious inscriptions and decorations of the Tomb of Djoser, explore the Doors of the Cats, which is in Arabic said ( Abwab El Qotat ) and the Hieroglyphs inscriptions in the Pyramid of Pepi I, you will also enjoy watching the marvelous Pyramid of Djoser, as it is containing six steps which are decreasing gradually to the top, and that’s the reason why it was called the Step Pyramid, its height is 60m and it is including temples, chapels and courtyards, the chapels are covering about 40 acres, moreover there are the mysterious burial chambers which were constructed under the ground and belong to the Step Pyramid, it was built to prevent the robbers from stealing any items, mummified bodies or monuments from the tomb                

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