Sulayman Pasha Mosque

Enjoy visiting Sulayman Pasha Mosque which is the first Mosque established under the Ottoman rule. It is one of the most fascinating mosques in Cairo, built in 1528 and was originally erected for The Janissaries, a troop unit of the Ottoman armies that entered Egypt in AH 922 / AD 1517 with Sultan Salim and resided within the northern walls of the citadel.

Suliman Pasha is the governor of Egypt during Ottoman period who gradually became a Wali (ruler), the mosque was built in a proximity to the northern side of the Citadel of Salah El Din.


Suliman Pasha Mosque is considered the first example of the Ottoman architecture in the early sixteenth century, where you will see the prayer hall with its distinguished T-form variant covered by a shallow central dome, flanked by 3 semi domes. 


If you are outside the mosque you will see it ruined, but as always you will find the treasure hidden, so go inside where you will be astonished by the inner part which is extremely beautiful with a mixture of simplicity and ornamentation.

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