Unas Pyramid

Get excited with Flying Carpet Tours by taking tours to one of the beautiful attractions in Egypt, wonder at the most mysterious and flourishing discoveries of Unas Pyramid, which is situated in the area of Sakkara Pyramid, it was constructed by the King Unas and it was a charming place but unfortunately it was destroyed, consequently it lost its grandeur.



The Pyramid of Unas has a big importance for its fancy internal inscriptions, as it was the first pyramid to contain such inscriptions inside, it also includes a vestibule that head bearish rise approximately one meter and four-tenth of a meter to the bottom of the Unas Pyramid, it also opens onto the lounge head to the other vestibule which includes the ruins of three blocks that were made of granite, enjoy walking inside this charming pyramid, as it has a mysterious chamber that contains a small hole which head to a rectangular room that has three louvers to save the statues of Elka, moreover there’s a corridor which heads to a burial chamber at the end side, where there’s a charming royal coffin.   



The Unas Pyramid has beautiful designing and there are two chambers which contain decorated roofs with Egyptian pentagonal stars, as well as hieroglyphic inscriptions which called the texts of the pyramids and it was said that those texts were used to make the Pharaonic dead conquer the evil’s forces, as well as making them avoiding the afterlife’s danger.

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