Port Said

Port Said lies on the Canal of Suez near to Suez and Ismailia, it is well known for its flourishing economy, as it has a lot of active industries, fishing and a lot of fuel stations, which were constructed for the whole ships that pass through Suez Canal, it also became a suitable place and summer resort for the Egyptian tourists.


Explore the charming small city of Port Said with Flying Carpet Tours that will take you in a memorable sightseeing tours to archeological landmarks like the Port of the city, which is considered to be the second largest port all over Egypt and its locations gave it a great importance, as it lies in the north getaway to the Canal of Suez, Moreover the Suez Canal Authority construction has a marvelous Islamic architecture.


Get excited with the glamorous historical sites and monuments that were found in Port Said, as you will wander at the exciting Military Museum, explore the Old Lighthouse, visit the Museum of Modern Art, you can also enjoy discovering a lot of monuments at the Port Said National Museum, as well as having a plenty of time to go shopping and walk though a free zone area, where there are a lot of people that go shopping and buy many beautiful items with a good price such as perfumes, clothes and a lot of things which exclude any taxes.
You will get delighted by the exciting activities that are allowed in Port Said City and many trips where you will explore the history of this city and the beautiful ancient Egyptian monuments that still standing since thousands of years, we also have the opportunity to take you in a lot of tours from Port Said to Cairo and Alexandria, as you will have the chance to have a remarkable shore excursions.   

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