Aswan Dam

Enjoy one of the most glamorous archaeological landmarks in Aswan, which is calles Aswan Dam, it shed light on the great improvements and achievements of the modern Egypt, this dam was constructed during the reign of the Egyptian President Gamal Abd El Nasser, as he decided to build the High Dam because of the Nile River flooding, which effected badly on many lands in Egypt, therefore this amazing project started in 1960 and perfectly finished in 1971, it also left an area that was flooded by the Nile River and turned to a beautiful lake, consequently they called it Lake Nasser , then it became an important lake in Egypt as it is used to provide electricity by its water.



The High Dam is one of smartest projects that have been built in Egypt and you will get astonished with Flying Carpet Tours by taking trips to this gorgeous dam, as you will get excited by enjoying the fascinating views of the High Dam, as this huge building is 1 km wide, 3.5 km in length and 111m tall, this majestic dam is also containing a Hydro-electric plant which includes six turbines and able to provide 2.1 million kilowatt, this project was the perfect solution because of the loss and damaging that Egypt had witnessed, especially the monuments which are located in Nubian villages, moreover there were a lot of hard working that appeared from the Egyptian strong builders and the Egyptian Government, as well as the help of the UNESCO beside many other countries, in order to save the specious Nubian monuments.       

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