Lake Nasser

The lake of Nasser one of the most beautiful attractions, that was created as a result of the construction of the Aswan High Dam which was made to prevent the Nile flooding, therefore it is the largest reservoir that you’ll ever seen, as it has about 162 billion m3 of water.
Enjoy the charming beauty of the nature in Lake Nasser with Flying Carpet Tours, as you’ll visit many amazing monuments and know a lot of information about the High Dam, which provides electricity and irrigation all over Egypt. Lake Nasser derived its name from the past president Gamal Abd El Nasser, one of the leaders of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 and it has a high population, as there are about 1 million Egyptian and 1 million Sudanese people lives there, as well as the southern third of the lake Nasser is in Sudan and it is called Lake Nubia.

The Lake Nasser has banks that were distinguished by their hot and dryness nature, it was created to store the flooding water, however it has many historical and amazing archaeological landmarks, where you’ll have the opportunity to take you there, such as the famous Abu Simbel, Kalabsha Temple, Penout Temple and even more.  
Moreover when the Nile flood happened in Egypt, it affected on many historical monuments and they were sinking, therefore, Unesco helped in the rescue operation, as they saved some of the valuable artifacts that show the ancient Egyptian civilization and rescue Abu Simbel as they transferred it to Lake Nasser, which became one of the most famous and marvelous temples in the whole world. 

Get excited with sailing trips over the Nile, experience Lake Nasser Cruises, as you will have the opportunity to walk through gorgeous archaeological monuments of Ramses II temple, his wife Nefertiti and other amazing sites. Explore the beautiful colorful birds and animals during your tour such as Wild duck, pelicans, mammals, Egyptian geese, reptiles, falcons and eagles

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