Luxor Attractions

Luxor was once known as Thebes during the New Kingdom, but ancient Egyptians were calling it “t-apt”, which means “the shrine”, as it was the most important religious Pharaonic capital, then the Arabian travelers called it Al-Oksour, which means “site of the palaces”, and then it slowly became Luxor.


It also was basically described as the world’s biggest open air museum, so, there's no better place in Egypt to stop for a few days and simply lose yourself in the wonders of the ancient world, as Luxor has the most important monuments all over world, and you can wander at Karnak and Luxor Temples, walk through the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings, get excited with the luxury Nile cruises beside the marvelous views of the Nile River, enjoy the savor of the relish Egyptian food and the fresh fish.


Luxor is one of the most important places in Egypt that you should see, as it has a sheer wealth of temples and tombs in The East Bank and The West Bank, where you will immerse yourself in the ancient Egyptian history with Flying Carpet Tours and explore the amazing archeological sites in the East Bank like Luxor and Karnak Temples and the West Bank like the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings to visit Hatshepsut Temple and Tutankhamun tomb, you’ll also find during your Luxor tours the most main hotels, shops, museums, and temples are close to the Nile river.


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