Temple of Mentuhotep

The Temple of Menhotep was constructed after the Temple of Hatshepsut was built, as Menthutep had the same idea of building his own temple after about five years of Hatshepsut’s Temple construction, therefore when you go with Flying Carpet Tours to this temple you will find it located at approximately five minutes far from the Temple of Hatshepsut.t


As well as the Menthutep’s Temple was built beneath the cliffs on the western bank of Luxor at Deit El Bahari, which makes it so close to the Valley of the Kings.


Moreover The Mortuary Temple of Mentuhotep was belong to Amon-Ra who was famous as being the sun god, as well as the Mortuary Temple of Mentuhotep II was already constructed at the same place which makes them so close to each other, as it was also made for inspiration, Therefore several Egyptologists considered both temples are similar in their shapes, however there are some differences on their constructions, as well as there are exciting remains of this complex and the core construction is still stand so far very well, which it makes this temple in a good condition.   

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