The Ramesseum was constructed by Ramesses II and it has the beautiful architecture of Medinet Habu and the glory of Abu Simbel Temlpe, as this memorial temple is ‘the Temple of Millions of Years of User-Maat-Ra’, as well as its building duration took about twenty years, therefore it shed light on the great civilization of the ancient Egyptian kings and the marvelous architecting of the Pharaonic era.


Moreover Ramesses II was the strongest conqueror in the ancient Egyptian history of, therefore he took over Egypt for about 67 years during the New Kingdom, consequently he had this amazing complex which is located on the western bank of Luxor, which show some of the greatest Pharaonic monuments, as the decorations of the ruins columns which are located at the hypostyle hall is also amazing, as it shows the fine craftsmanship with defined the Ramesseum’s construction.


Therefore you will get the chance with Flying Carpet Tours to walk through the amazing construction that will get you back in the time of the ancient Egyptian dynasty, however it has only the ruins and remain of the massive statues that were belong to Ramesses II and a lot of monuments that are belonging to Ramesses III and Mernaptah.

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