Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple in Luxor is considered to be the largest temple in the whole world, as it includes six temples such as, the temple of Amun Ra, Temple of Ptah, Temple of Khonso, Temple of Montho, Temple of Ipt, and Temple of the God Osiris. Enjoy the experience of exploring the Ancient Pharaonic World while wandering at those marvelous temples at one town as you’ll get excited with the grandeur of its architectures, history and monuments.


The great Temple of Karnak was basically dedicated to the God Amun-Ra, and it actually represented the great effort and achievements of many generations of the Ancient Egyptian builders and engineers, so, it is a beautiful place that you shouldn’t ever miss, to feast your eyes and get delighted by exploring the city that stood for thousands of years holding such glamorous archeological monuments.


Get delighted by Flying Carpet Tours trips to the Karnak Temples, as you’ll have the opportunity and time to walk through those temples, which are different in structures and features, because each Pharaonic king wanted to construct his own temple with a different structure, so he could be different than the predecessors. 


Once you arrive to Karnak Temple you’ll find a Sphinx-lined alleyway, ten edifices, four of them are in the northern south axis, and the other six edifices are in the eastern west axis, as well as the Ramses III, Festival Hall of Thutmose III, Grandparents Chamber, Amon Park, The Open Museum, The Sacred Lake and a collections of statues that belongs to the Goddess Sekhmet. There are also a couple of obelisks in Karnak Temple that belongs to King Thutmose I and Queen Hatshepsut. 

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