Luxor Museum

Experience exploring Luxor Museum with Flying Carpet Tours, which is one of the most amazing landmarks in Luxor, as you will, enjoy walking around this museum due to its huge garden that is surrounding it, as well as discover the marvelous designing of this museum.


The Museum of Luxor is situated on the eastern bank of the River Nile in Luxor, as it was constructed in 1400 BC, moreover this temple includes two obelisks at the entrance, one of them is in Paris and the other still in Luxor and inscribed victories of King Ramses II.


As well as it has a large courtyard with two columns that give the shape of Papyrus plant and there are two statues of the King Ramses II, one of the is bigger in its size than another one, which was constructed in pink granite, as well as there is another statue of the king Ramses II, that shows him sitting at the door side of the courtyard, furthermore there are two statues in the entrance side of this Museum, which were belonging to  Ramses II and of his wife Nefertari, as the small statue was constructed for Nefertari and the big one belong to Ramses II.



Moreover the western side of the Museum, there is a courtyard that was constructed for Amenhotep III and it is opened courtyard that includes about 64 columns which are divided and making three direction around this courtyard. 
Get excited by walking inside mysteries rooms that are located at the behind side of the Great Hall of the columns, as you will find several room that shed light on the great achievements of the Paharonic dynasty, as well as you will find beautiful holy chapels that were belonging to the Greek and Roman dynasties.

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