Egyptian Museum

During your visiting to Egypt, you will enjoy walking through the most famous historical museum, which is called Egyptian Museum, as it includes a big and rare collection of the Ancient Egyptian antiques and monuments, as well as the treasure of Tutankhamun, which is the most mysterious and marvelous monuments, therefore you will get excited with Flying Carpet Tours by exploring the other rooms in this museum as you will wander at the fabulous mummies halls and continue to the exciting halls of the mummified animals and find out more about the Paharonic monuments while enjoying our Egyptian Museum tour.

Egyptian Museum it is situated at Tahrir Square in Cairo, it hold a huge amount of unique antiques and monuments for over than 5000 years of arts which were described as one of the most valuable arts design in the Ancient Egyptian dynasty, moreover the gorgeous Egyptian Museum is holding an incredibly amazing exhibit, which shed light on the Ancient Egyptian glamorous monuments such as, sarcophagi, jeweler, Mummies pottery and of course the magnificent treasure of King Tutankhamen, as well as they discovered The Death Mask of the boy king in its tomb, and they found out that it was made of solid and pure gold, as it was considered as the most amazing object that has ever made.
That museum was built in the dynasty of Muhammad Ali Pasha, as he ordered to construct an Ancient Egyptian monuments and antiquities museum that includes the whole ruins of the Pharaonic era  in one place, therefore the Egyptian Museum holds huge two floors, as the first one is including the glamorous tombs that where you will be amazed by the grandeur of its designing and decoration and there are fabulous statues that are belonging to Ramses II and many Ancient Egyptian rulers, moreover the beautiful ancient make ups, coins, weapons, irrigation tools and military vehicles which were made by Ahmus.

Furthermore the great second floor which includes many mysterious rooms, such as the room of the animals mummification that has a lot of mummified animals, as well as the marvelous Tutankhamun’s treasure that will make you get excited with its brilliant gold as it hold many objects such as, the crown, death mast and more, there is also the mummies room which includes a lot of Ancient king’s mummies like Amenhotep III, and you will find many other artifacts and antiques such as the large four gilded boxes which fit inside each other, thrones, a beautiful royal toilet seat, an ancient trumpet, as well as the gold funerary mask and sarcophagus

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