Abdeen Palace

Abdeen Palace one of the most famous and beautiful constructions in Egypt, that palace has the glory that turned it from palace to a gorgeous museum, because of the marvelous designing and the several historical events that the palace of Abdeen had witnessed, as it was built during the era of Mohamed Ali Pasha and it was constructed in 1863 according to an order of Ismail Pasha, who was the Khedive of Egypt.


Get delighted by walking through the amazing 25-feddan area which belongs to Abdeen Palace and was constructed by Egyptian, Turkish, Italian and French architects. Enjoy exploring the unique archaeological masterpieces, which shed light on the important historical events that had been happened since the Monarchy rule until the revolution of July 1952.


Discover the grandeur of one of the most exciting archaeological sites in Egypt with Flying Carpet Tours, as you will be astonished with the events and decorations in this palace, which lies in the Old Cairo district of Abdeen, this palace was derived its name from Abdeen Bey, who was one of the army commanders under the rule of Mohamed Ali Basha.


Khedive Ismail decided to make Abdeen Palace the official government headquarters instead the Citadel of Salah El Din, which was constructed by Salah El din Al Ayoubi in 1171. Nowadays the Palace of Abdeen became a marvelous Museum complex which shed light on the important official events and ceremonies, as well as it has the features of the military museum and several ancient weapons.  


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