Kom Ombo

Discover the grandeur of the fabulous monuments of Kom Ombo Temple, which dedicated to Horus “the Elder” and Sobek “the Crocodile God”, wander at the Sanctuaries and the Hypotyle Hall.


Enjoy exploring the fascinating two temples, as you can walk through the temple of Haroeris and the Temple of Sobek, those temples show the importance of the Ancient Egyptian priests. Get excited with the Temple of Sobek , where you will find many mummified crocodiles, gorgeous inscriptions on the walls and beautiful clay coffins.
The Temple of Kom Ombo is surrounding by amazing gardens of corn and sugarcane, therefore Kom Ombo is an amusing agriculture town and there were a lot of Nubian people that were living in it before the Nile flooding has affected badly on their lands.


Kom Ombo Temple was built with the limestone in the early second century by Ptolemy VI Philometor, it also was built in a rectangle shape, and was dedicated to for two gods, which are Horus the falcon god and Sobek the Crocodile god, a lot of parts in this temple has been damaged because of earthquakes and the flooding Nile.

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