Valley of The Queens

Valley of the Queens is located on the western bank of the Nile River of Luxor, it is very close to the Valley of the Kings, and it was also called Biban El Harim.


Moreover you will get excited with Flying Carpet Tours, during your trip to this valley which includes more than about seventy amazing tombs, where you will find many inscriptions, however there are a lot of these tombs that don’t have the Pharaonic inscriptions and don’t also have any royal texts that are exist in the other tombs.


As well as when you go to the Valley of the Queen you will be amazed by one of the most amazing tombs if this valley which is called the Tomb of  Nefertari, who was the wife of Kings Ramses II, she was also the most lovable wife for Ramses II.


Valley of the Queens is considered to be the main place for the buried wives of the ancient Egyptian kings, but unfortunately there are about eighty tombs that had been destroyed, and due Nefertari was the favorite wife for Ramses II she had an amazing tomb, as it is fully painted with gorgeous scenes, as well as its walls are decorated and inscribed with charming carvings that shows the queen Nefertari plays a game which looks like the famous game of chess. 

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