Tombs of The Nobles

Explore one of the most amazing landmarks with Flying Carpet Tours in Luxor which is known as the Tombs of the Nobles, where you will be amazed by the fascinating scenes of the hills that are located on the north side of the western Bank in Luxor.



As well as when you visit the Nobles Tombs you will find the architecting of the tombs are very simple and they all have the same shape outside, therefore you will be delighted by the beautiful Pharaonic paints on their walls, moreover you will find about 40 tombs that belong to the New Kingdom and 17 tombs of the Nobles that date back to the reign of Ramses II, you will also find about 53 tombs that date back to the 18th and 19th dynasties. 



Rekhmire Tomb:

Enjoy exploring one of the famous Nobles Tombs, which is not royal but belong to Rekhmire, and you will find it one of the most beautiful tombs of the Valley of the Tombs which is located at the West Bank of the Nile River, as well as Rekhmire was the responsible for justice, taxation and foreign policy at the reign of Amenhotep II and Tuthmosis III.



Sennefer Tomb:

When you visit the Tomb of Sennefer, you will be amazed by the glory of the Pharaonic era and their architecting, that shows charming funeral banquets and scenes that shed light on the daily events of the ancient Egyptian lifestyle, as well as Sennifer was the responsible for the gardens of Amun at Amenhotep II dynasty and the mayor of the famous city of Thebes, therefore his tomb includes a beautiful decoration with grape arbor’s reliefs.

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