Malkata Palace

Malkata Palace is the same Palace of Amenhotep III,  but it is famous also by the name of Malkata Palace, it is also was situated on the western side of Luxor, which means it is in the west bank of Luxor, therefore you can enjoy visiting this palace with Flying Carpet Tours, as you will know more about this palace which was known as “The Palace of the Dazzling”, as well as it was called “The House of Rejoicing”.


Moreover Malkata Palace was constructed when Amenhotep III was eleven years old and during the 14th dynasty, as this palace was built until Amenhotep III became 29 years old, it is also has several temples around its location such as Hatshepsut Temple, Isis Temple and more, in addition to its amazing construction, which includes the Festival Hall, Audience Halls, Houses for the relatives of the Royal Family and Amun Temple, as well as this palace is considered to be the largest royal residence in Egypt.


The Palace of Amenhotep III is holding beautiful paintings, which shed light on the ways of decorating this building and that shows to the archaeologist the great effort of the designing, as well as it includes many drawing of gods and goddesses, such as the goddess Nekhbet, which appears up the ceiling of the royal bedchamber and the archaeologists found out that there was inside this palace Pharaonic paintings on the walls to view many scenes of the plants, such as flowers and reeds, moreover it shows the wild life that they used to see and the animals in the marches, consequently after the death of Amenhotep III, Malkata was controlled by Amenhotep III's successor, who was called Akhenaten and also was his son.

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