Open Air Museum

Open Air Museum in Luxor is containing the amazing ruins of Pylons and walls that belong to the ancient Egyptian Temples which are located at the same place, as there were some archeologists that have found stones of ancient constructions during their work at Karnak, therefore it gave them the chance to gather all of these remains and put them all at one museum that is including now a lot of the old blocks that were collected together, as well as a lot of chapels that had been rebuilding. 


So, when you go there with Flying Carpet Tours, you will be amazed by the huge number of the amazing monuments at this Open Air Museum, as you will get the opportunity to watch the grandeur of the ancient Egyptian constructions, monuments, statues and many items that will take you back to the time of the Pharaohs reign.



Moreover these constructions will show you how the ancient Egyptian builder were working hard to finish such buildings in a fascinating way, you will also find some massive temples walls, statues, lots of blocks, storage chamber and four way stations there, as well as there will be some building that shed light on the glamorous Pharaonic architecting, therefore this museum is very important and shouldn’t be missed.

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