Mummification Museum

The Mummification Museum is situated on the front of Mina House Hotel which is located on a place that is called Cornish of the Nile in Luxor, it shed light on the ancient Egyptian mummification arts, as it has many items to show the mummification processing and its importance for the Pharaonic kings and queens, as well as the mummified animals such as crocodiles, cats and more that will make you astonished.



So, you will get delighted with Flying Carpet Tours that will give you the chance to know more about this mysterious art of the ancient Egyptian mummification and discover the tools that were used at this processing, as well as when you go to this museum you will find Cafeteria and Video Room, then you will walk inside the Lecture Hall
Moreover when you continue to the Hall of Artifacts, which is consists of two parts, you will find one of them contains corridor that is ascending gradually and it includes ten tablets which were drawn from the papyri of Hu-nefer and Ani, as well as some of these tablets shed lights on the funeral journey from death to burial.



But the other part of this museum starts from the end of the ascending corridor, as you will be watching about sixty items that are displayed in 19 well-advanced cases, these antiques and artifacts are dedicated to eleven topics:   Canopic jars, Ushabtis, Coffin of Padiamun, Organic materials, Amulets, Mummy of Masaherta, Embalming materials, Embalming fluid, Gods of ancient Egypt, Mummified animals and Tools of mummification.



Consequently this museum is considered to be one of the most amazing and important historical places, as it shows the thoughts and lifestyle of the Pharaonic kings, moreover it shows their caring of the dead people and the afterlife world that made them reach to this mummification processing in order to they could stay in this world in peace and protected. 

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