Abydos is considered to be one of the most important landmarks in Upper Egypt, it is situated at approximately 135 km from Luxor, and it was also called El Arabah, it also includes amazing remain that shed light on the history of the ancient Egyptian dynasty, as it has several ruins that are located at about 3 km from the eastern side to the west and 6 km from southern side to the north.   

Therefore you will get excited by visiting the marvelous monuments of Abydos which are consisting of the Temple of Seti I and some Cemeteries, as it has three cemeteries which are spreading on the north, middle and south sides.



So, you will be amazed by the glory of the ancient Egyptian architectures and lifestyle by exploring one of their mysteries places with Flying Carpet Tours, as when you visit these cemeteries you will explore more information about the beautiful Southern Cemetery, which shed light on the Roman dynasty and was used as a sacred route for the religious rituals that belong to their ancient God Osiris.


As well as the second cemetery is the Middle one, which was used only for the animals and the third cemetery which is located at the northern side of Abydos, is known to be including the largest tomb of them all and it was constructed at the Middle dynasty.    

Moreover you will find the great Temple of Seti I, which will make you feel excited and delighted by the amazing views that surrounding it with beautiful and high palm trees, as you will explore ore about this temple which was built by Seti I, who was the father of Ramses II and son of Ramses I, consequently this temple had a beautiful construction because Seti I was a clever builder and a strong ancient Egyptian ruler.

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