The City of Memphis is situated in the southern side of Cairo, and it is far from Cairo by 20 km, Memphis City was considered as the king’s primary residence and it was the ancient capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom, therefore this city was one of the most important cities of Egypt and the following cities of “Dahshure, Sakkara, Zawyet Al Aryan, Abu Goreb and Mit Rahina ’’ were situated in the borders of the fabulous and ancient city of Memphis.          


The City of Memphis was constructed by the Pharaoh Menes approximately in 3000 B.C, so, Memphis was the main center of administration and policy i9n the Middle and Lower Egypt, as well as Amenhotep II and Thutmosis III, who were the Theban kings during the 18th Century and They were often making Memphis city as their main headquarters, therefore when any man became a kind, he should be crowned and celebrate at the city of Memphis. 



Discover the charming and gogeoius Egyptian Pharaonic history with Flying Carpet Tours, as you will enjoy your exciting tour to Memphis, which nowadays is considered as a beautiful open air museum in Cairo, consequently you will have the opportunity to watch the beautiful streets, buildings, gardens and of course temples, you will also get delighted by many monuments such as the stated of Rameses II which weights approximately 29 tons, and he was a famous builder, as he was clever in building especially the temples, he also was believed to be the best builder in the Pharaonic history in Egypt.          

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