Imhotep Museum

Walkthrough the fascinating Imhotep Museum with Flying Carpet Tours and explore more about this museum which is located at Saqqara and was opened in 2006 by Dr/ Zahi Hawass, therefore you’ll find it a modern museum and you’ll notice its security and technology, that’s why it’s a place that should be seen, you can also enjoy a trip to one of the most famous and valuable landmarks which is called Sakkara to visit the Step Pyramid of King Djoser and the funerary complex of Kind Djoser, as it is situated at just twenty kilometers in the southern side of Giza Pyramids.



The Imhotep Museum contains some elements from the step Pyramid, moreover some royal objects, ravishing statuary and elite tombs, as well as there are labels in English, French and Arabic.



Moreover Imhotep was one of the most famous and first Pharaonic doctor in the ancient Egyptian history, as well as he had many inventions that helped to make a lot of useful drugs and medications, consequently it had a great effect on the Pharaonic society as it cured a huge number of diseases.

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