Giza Pyramids

The great Giza Pyramids are located at Giza Plateau which is one of the most magnificent landmarks in Egypt that should be seen, entertain your eyes and mind by watching the most exciting pyramids all over the world, as these historical pyramids were constructed during the Pharaonic era, from 2550 to 2490 B.C, the largest pyramid was known as Cheops or Khufu, it is also considered to be the largest historical pyramid in the whole world, as it is approximately 146.5 meters high, the second large pyramid is known as Chephren and the third pyramid is known as Mycerinus, it is the smallest one of the Giza Pyramids.

The Pyramids of Giza was built during about twenty years, as it was constructed about 2540 B.C to 2560 B.C, as well as the highest spot of the pyramid was about 137 meters high, the normal size supposed to be 146.60 meters high, every side of the pyramid was approximately 230 meters high and its weight is about 5.9 million tons.   


  • Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu Pyramid):

In the ancient Egyptian history was known that the Pyramids were constructed for the tombs that belong to kings and Pharaohs, the Pyramid of Cheops is one of the most amazing pyramids all over the world as it is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, as it stands so far after about 4000 years, it is the largest pyramid and it was constructed by approximately two million blocks of slopes and limestone, its stone parts were made accurately to fit each other.     


  • Chephren Pyramid:

The Chephren Pyramid is considered to be second large pyramid, although this pyramid is smaller than the Pyramid of Cheops but it is appearing to be larger, because of its bed rock’s height and it lies on the north sied of the Plateau of Giza, as well as the top of this pyramid that gives an illusion of being higher than the Pyramid of Cheops, because of its smooth limestone cap, the tomb of this pyramid was unfortunately looted.  


  • Mycerinus Pyramid:

Mycreinus Pyramid is the third and considered to be the smallest pyramid of the Giza Pyramids, as its height is approximately 66 meter, moreover it is not similar to the other to pyramids in its decoration and designing, therefore it doesn’t have many drawings and details like them, the Pyramid of Mycerinus was dedicated to Manaure and his son Shepseskaf became on charge of organizing and building the Pyramid after the death of his father Mycerinus. 

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