Chephren Pyramid

Chephren Pyramid is located near to Cheops Pyramid and Chephren is the successor and son of Cheops, although Chephren Pyramid is smaller than the Pyramid of Cheops, it appears as if it’s higher than Cheops Pyramid because of its bed rock’s height and it lies on the north side of the Plateau of Giza as well as the top of this pyramid that gives an illusion of being higher than the Pyramid of Cheops, because of its smooth limestone cap, the tomb of this pyramid was unfortunately looted.



Entertain your eyes and mind with Flying Carpet Tours during your trips to Chephren Pyramid and explore more about its designating and construction’s history, as this pyramid has two entrances that were built above each other and they are both leading inside the pyramid, but nowadays the upper entrance is the one that’s being used, it is a narrow passage heads to an amazing chamber which was built with a huge limestone and it is descending at 25 degrees to the chamber, as well as the surface of the chamber has the same angels degree of the pyramid itself to be suitable with designing of the pyramid, consequently it made the pyramid stands so far and didn’t break dawn.  



The other entrance, which located under the upper one directly, it was including portcullis, which avoids entering, as well as this entrance has also the same angel degrees of the upper corridor to make the suitable designing and gradually it connect with the upper, therefore they have the same leading into the chamber of the Pyramid of Chephren, moreover there was no any evidence that anyone had been buried in the main chamber ever and there’s no inscription in this pyramid, which had been looted before being opened in 1818 by Belzoni, there was also the Mortuary Temple of Chephren which is located at the east side and it is well preserved more than Cheops Temple.

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