Solar Boat

The Solar Boat is situated in the southern side of the Cheops Pyramid, as in the Pharaonic era the ancient Egyptian people were burying a Solar Barge close to the tomb of the Pharaoh, due to their beliefs that their Pharaonic kings need to be transferred to the peace in the afterlife, moreover the Solar Boat was founded in 1954 close to the area of Giza Pyramids in Cairo, it also includes approximately 1224 wooden pieces, This boat is about 5.9 meters wide and 44 meters long, as well as it consists of twelve paddles.



Entertain your eyes and soul and live the adventure with Flying Carpet Tours during your exciting trip to know more about the Solar Boat and discover the lifestyle and beliefs of the Pharaonic civilization, therefore you’ll enjoy exploring one of the most mysterious monuments in the ancient Egyptian era, as the Solar Boat was the only method for the Pharaonic kings to pass peacefully to the Gods in their afterlife journeys, therefore the Solar Boat is very important for after their death and it was necessary for the museum to be constructed over the hole that the discovery of this Pharaonic Boat of Cheops was found in, consequently the museum had to be suitable for the big size of the Solar Boat and the Brage was put in a glass museum to be displayed close to the area of the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza.

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