Get excited with the most famous and charming ancient Egyptian monuments which is called the Great Sphinx, as it’s a massive statue that has the shape of lion in its body and a head of a Pharaonic man, it was believed that the head is belonging to the king Chephren, its body and head were symbolizing the strength and wisdom, but it wasn’t certain for what purpose this statue was made for or who exactly it was belonging to, as well as nobody knows who broke its nose even the Egyptologists couldn’t find any conclusive evidence.



Sphinx is one of the fabulous Pharaonic wonders, it was constructed in Giza and located at the entrance of temples to guard the pyramids of Giza and the mysterious monuments inside them, it also consists of about 2,000 limestone blocks, and this massive limestone statue has stirred the imagination of scholars, tourists, poets and adventures for many centuries and made them wonder about its meaning and the mysteries that it might hold for thousands of years.

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