Mycerinus Pyramid

The Mycerinus Pyramid is one of the most famous ancient Egyptian monuments in the world, as it is the smallest pyramid of the Pyramids of Giza because they didn’t complete the construction’s process of this pyramid after death of the ancient Egyptian king Mycerinus, therefore his son Shepseskaf decided to complete building the Pyramid of his father Mycerinus.



Enjoy exploring the third pyramid of the famous Giza Pyramids with Flying Carpet Tours, as you will watch the glory of the Mycerinus Pyramid, which had 66 meters height, but then it was reduced to 62, its square base is measuring about 108.5 meters for every side and the slope of its sides is approximately 51.      



Entertain your soul and mind during your trip to this magnificent Pyramid of Mycerinus, find out more about the chamber of Mycerinus or its also called Mankaure, which was located in the lawer floor, its walls were covered with granite, as well as the construction of Mycerinus had to have a well prepared rock subsurface, especially around its northern west corner.    



Explore the charming discoveries of the Mycerinus Pyramid and its structure, which had witnessed many changes due to the time factor which had a bad affect on its granite and rocks, you’ll also find three small pyramids on the southern part of the Giza Pyramids, which are less than 10 meters height, moreover there is a Pyramid that is believed to be built for the Queen Kharmernehty ll, who was one of the Mycerinus’s wives and there are many discovered a lot of statues that were belonging to Mycerinus and the others which are now located at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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