Pyramid of Menkaure

Pyramid of Menkaure is considered to be the smallest pyramid of the Giza Pyramids which are Cheops and Chephren Pyramids, it is also famous with its funerary and Valley Temples, as well as Mycrerinus was a Pharaonic King of Egypt for about 18 years and it was said that he had three wives, abd two sons, the eldest son was called Khuenre, who probably died before his father and was buried in a tomb that was located at the southern east of Mycerinus Pyramid, the second son was the successor and was called Shepsekaft, as well as a daughter was called Khentkawes.



Enjoy exploring this amazing pyramid with Flying Carpet Tours while walking at one of the Seven Wonders in the Ancient World. Moreover this pyramid wasn’t completed after the death of the king Mycerinus but his son Shepseskaf decided to complete its construction and he succeeded to finish it, there’s also a Mortuary Temple in the eastern side of the Mycerinus Pyramid which is standing so far although its walls weren’t covered with marble or granite but it was built of red mud bricks and a thin limestone line.


The height of Muycerinus is approximately 66 meter, moreover it is not similar to the other to pyramids in its decoration and designing, therefore it doesn’t have many drawings and details like them, the construction of the Mycerinus Pyramid had to be built with well prepared rock surface around the northern east corner, as this base was two and half meters higher than the pyramid of his father and occupies a mere quarter of the area that was consumed by Cheops and Chephren, as well as the core of this pyramid is from limestone blocks and it has a casing that was made of pink granite that was transport from Aswan, as this casing was made of Turah limestone and it would have destroyed during its transportation.

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