Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid is considered to be the largest pyramid in the world after the magnificent Pyramid of Cheops which is one of the Giza Pyramids, Red Pyramid is located at Dahshur, it also has the biggest base of all the Egyptian pyramids, as well as it is the fourth highest Egyptian pyramid and contains approximately 160 layers of stones.



Red Pyramid was constructed to be dedicated to the king Snefru, according to the ancient history, the architecture who constructed it was avoiding any mistakes that had been done during building the other past pyramids, therefore he was following the same angle from the bottom to top, which was 43 degrees, consequently The Red Pyramid is considered as the first perfectly completed pyramid in the ancient history, it also was known as the Northern Pyramid according to its location, then it was called The Red Pyramid because of its construction’s stone which consists of a unique type of rosette limestone, as it was used in building the burial chamber, every side of The Red Pyramid’s base is 220 m in length and 99 m in height.



Explore more about the Red Pyramid with Flying Carpet Tours, and find out its history, as The Red Pyramid had some problems during its construction progress, as in the past they were using Tura limestone to cover the pyramid, but unfortunately there were some of these stones were destroyed, moreover there are many destroyed stones had been founded and have a lot of inscriptions, there were also some of them that have inscriptions in red paint and some were belonging to the king Snefru.



Moreover the cartouche of Snefru which is a very precious monument, as it tells us the date of the Red Pyramid and shows the duration time of its construction progress and the events that have been happened during its building, therefore we knew that this pyramid was built approximately in the 22nd and the 29th years during the reign of Snefru, as the Red Pyramid was completely built in approximately seventeen years.           



Get delighted by the remaining monuments of the first capstone that ever discovered and the mortuary temple which are located at the Eastern side of this pyramid, and this temple was ver important because Snefru was a pioneer in the alignment of temples of Egypt, therefore he was following the path of the sun, consequently the entrance of the pyramid is only in the northern side, the pyramid is including a 206 foot passage descends to the first chamber, which contains a 40 feet corbelled ceiling, as well as the three of chambers of the Red Pyramid have corbelled ceilings that include about fourteen layers, furthermore these corbelled ceilings were strongly constructed to stand about two million tons of the stone over them, consequently there is no any trouble in its designing until now.   

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