Bent Pyramid

Dahshur lies in the southern part of Memphis City, it is including a lot of marvelous pyramids and monuments, Dahshur was also a necropolis during the 4th family, as the king Snefru built two pyramids which are the Red Pyramid and The Bent Pyramid.   



Discover the ancient monuments of the Bent Pyramid with Flying Carpet Tours and find out more about this fabulous pyramid which was presenting the penultimate phase of the royal cemetery’s evolution phases till the final pyramid shape, The Bent Pyramid is also known as the South Pyramid because it is situated in the southern side of another north pyramid, its construction in containing local limestone and covered by white limestone.



The Bent Pyramid is distinguished by its two entrances which are totally separated, as the first one is situated in the northern side and head to a beautiful room which is located in the lower stage and has some inscriptions on its walls, as well as the second entrance is situated in the western side of the pyramid and head to another room which is also including some ancient inscriptions and it is called the upper chamber because it lies on the ground floor, moreover there is a narrow corridor which is connecting these separated chambers, therefore when you go there you will get excited with the marvelous designing, inscriptions and monuments.



Live an exciting adventure and go back in time by taking our fancy tours to ancient Egyptian landmarks such as This pyramid, which has a square based, its height is 101.15 m and the length of every part of its ribs is 188.60 m, it has an angel of tendency of 54 degrees to a height of 49 but then it turned to 43 degrees, consequently it had a bent shape and called the Bent Pyramid.    

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