Meidum Pyramid

The Meidum Pyramid is also called Snefru Pyramid as it is belonging to Snefru, this pyramid was constructed at Sakkara, as it is situated in the southern side of Sakkara, and it was constructed by the last king who was called Huni in the third century, therefore this pyramid was built in the same shape of the Step Pyramid of Djoser and it has eight layers that were built above each other.



Moreover the Meidum Pyramid wasn’t completed by the king Huni, as he left the pyramid of Snefru unfinished, then the king Snefru decided to finish it, as he was the successor and he took the pyramid for himself, consequently it was thought that this pyramid was one of Snefru’s works.



Discover one of the most famous monuments in Egypt which is the Meidum Pyramid with Flying Carpet Tours, this pyramid was also called Collapsed Pyramid because of its shape which looks like a massive tower that is surrounded by a pile of rubble, as this pyramid’s height was about 93m and it includes a square base that has approximately 114m long sides, as well as the entrance of this pyramid is leading to the descending corridor for about 54m, which made it a unique corridor, because you’ll have to bend inside it while walking through this corridor,  you’ll also like the adventure inside this pyramid as you’ll need a torch because most lambs inside this pyramid are broken, there’s a charming chamber at the end of this corridor which is located underneath the pyramid’s apex, then at the end of this chamber there’s a wooden ladder which head to the upper burial chamber.

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