Coptic Museum

Enjoy the fresh air in one of the most peaceful places which is surrounded by coloured and green gardens which is called the Coptic Museum, explore the gorgeous discoveries of the Coptic Museum, as it a historical museum that was constructed in 1910 in Cairo, it is also including the largest specious collection of the Coptic Christian artwork, which holds Christian Egyptian artifacts, documents and statues, consequently will explore the lots of cultures that have effected on this museum such as Ancient Egyptian, Byzantine, Ottoman, Greek and Roman arts. 

Get relaxed and find your inner peace during your visiting to the Coptic Museum, wander at the Coptic Museum which is situated at the remains of Babylon Fortress at the Old Cairo, discover more about the Coptic history in Egypt, because you will know how the Christianity was spreading in Egypt during the Roman era in the second century, moreover the Christianity has a lot of events and a long history in Egypt, as it turned to be the dominate religion in Egypt till 641 A.D, when the Arab invaded Egypt. As well as the popular French scientist who was called Maspero played a vital role in the constructor of the modern museum, therefore he spent a very long time gathering and preserving the great Coptic monuments from all over Egypt. 

Discover the Egyptian Coptic culture with Flying Carpet Tours during your visiting to the Coptic Museum and walk through its spectacular monuments which are consisting of ancient section that was constructed by Smeka Pasha and the modern section that includes two floors which were opened to the public in 2006 after a huge restoration and renovation period, therefore its cost has reached more than 30 million Egyptian pounds because of the great earth quake which struck Egypt in 1992 and affected badly on the museum.

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