Babylon Fortress

Babylon Fortress is located at Mar Girgis, it dated back to roman era, it built in 2 century A.D by Emperor Trajan and expanded by the Roman Emperor Arcadius in the fourth century, The area is called Old, or Coptic Cairo (Masr el Atika), for this is indeed the oldest part of the city, and the remains of the fort are Cairo proper's oldest original structure.



Walkthrough old Cairo streets and be witness on the glory of Coptic civilization and structures such as The Hanging Church, Ben Azra Synagogue and more, beside that scout around the most gleaming finds of Babylon fortress, In fact, this fortress resembles the Roman fortresses in Europe and North Africa from which we understood its construction. The fort is made of limestone and red-stone, the walls of Babylon fortress are 18 meters in height and 3 meters in thickness.

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